I didn’t follow my rules today.

First trade followed plan, but exited +1 tick because it didn’t trend.

Ended up shorting an uptrend continually from BB 1m bottom to top.

I fought the ES uptrend by shorting NQ and of course it came along.

Then of course, I barely missed the short that went promptly down from BB 1m top to well below.

Later I got frustrated expanded my risk, and chunked off a big sum before recovering it with more trades at expanded risk.

Bad choices. Poor design. I’m trying to modify my trading plan to be more and more simple.



Only look for trades:

Only if volume/action is high:

Near the mid point of the MA on 1minute


Near the top or bottom (or outside) the BB of the 1 minute chart.

There is too much noise on the in-between and with tight stops it’s too difficult to pick a direction and not get stopped out.

Although being in a trade is fine.

Only exceptions is some NOPE play (a blow-off or bearish/bullish signal).